LBP: The Government Builds Toba lake, Community Must Take Care, SAMOSIR, NORTH SUMATERA- Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs (Ret.) General Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan warns that the Batak people maintain the cleanliness of sustainable assets of the legendary tourist destination of North Sumatra, Lake Toba.

Accompanied by Minister of Transportation (Menhub) Budi Karya Sumadi (BKS), Coordinating Minister Luhut said that when inaugurating the operation of the Passenger Motor Boat (KMP) of Ihan Batak in the Port of Ajibata, Toba Samosir (Tobasa), which serves crossing the Ajibata – Ambarita ferry port on Saturday ( 2/3/2019).

“As stated by the Minister of Transportation, this is a program of the central government, but it will have no meaning if the people themselves do not respond,” Luhut said during his speech.

I remind the Batak people not to throw garbage and dirt again at Lake Toba. Because if Lake Toba is dirty, tourists will not come again. And this is not healthy for generations to come,” he said.
In his written statement received by the editor on Sunday (03/03/2019), the man born in Simargala, Huta Namora, Silaen, Tobasa, September 28, 1947, said that the originator was first built seriously and integrated upstream-downstream Lake Toba region was President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

“He (Jokowi) said that the four tourist destinations that must be realized were the first Lake Toba, both Borobudur, third Mandalika and fourth Labuan Bajo,” he said.

The President, continued the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bravo 5, saw that Lake Toba was beautiful. “And he wanted Lake Toba to be made great. The culture was developed because a lot could be sold, but cleanliness was maintained,” he said again.

Luhut added, the government has also built Silangit Airport and Sibisa Airport, as well as toll roads to support tourism growth. BKS Minister of Transportation is preparing to procure tourism vessels that will surround Lake Toba.

In the same place, the Minister of Transportation of BKS said that it would continue to develop the area, so that tourists who wanted to go to Toba would be comfortable.

“There is one point but we also have to think about other points. Damri has already operated and it indicates that the President’s love for Toba is always. He always reminded me,” Minister, it’s not Toba not to be “,” said BKS adding reason he also invited Coordinating Minister Luhut to take part in formalizing so that it would be more powerful.

Coordinating Minister Luhut stressed, at Toba itself there will be Doc facilities to maintain and inspect ships. “To avoid accidents like KM Sinar Bangun, like what happened some time ago,” said the mastermind behind Alpha’s gait and 19th Chakra, the incumbent volunteer candidate.

The KMP Ihan Batak vessel with a capacity of 300 GT (gross tons), will pass along 9 miles connecting the Ajibata Ferry Port in Tobasa Regency, with Ambarita Crossing Port, Samosir.

Residents who will go to Silangit Airport can take advantage of the Damri bus transportation facilities provided from and to Silangit Airport at Ajibata Port. (Red)

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